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Mission & Vision

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Our Mission

To cultivate a culture in our community to develop student athletes and academic achievements by promoting professional coaching, team building and family development.

Our Vision

  • Envisioning the desired achievements and outcomes for cultivating our culture.
  • Share the wisdom and attributes of coaching with Teachers, Coaches, Parents, and Team players to become the model for achievement of our goals and aspirations.

We value the seven (7) attributes of the Magical Coach to cultivate a culture

  1. Management
  2. Reverence
  3. Discipline
  4. Integrity
  5. Teamwork
  6. Leadership
  7. Communication

Our purpose is to believe in the Seven (7) Attributes of the Magical Coach and to develop a curriculum to deliver the knowledge needed to build a new and improved culture for our community.

Larry Bruno Foundation

Hall of Achievement & Museum

Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls
1301 Seventh Ave.
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

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