Mission & Vision

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2014 Scholarship Recipients

Our Mission

To cultivate a culture in our community to develop student athletes and academic achievements by promoting professional coaching, team building and family development.

Our Vision

To provide workshops that build relationships between coaches and students that last a lifetime!

We Value the seven (7) attributes of the Magical Coach to cultivate a culture:

Management, Reverence, Discipline, Integrity, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication

By following the 7 attributes the Larry Bruno Foundation will provide programs and classes for the community. The foundation also plans to offer coach clinics and courses based on the lessons of The Magical Coach. The LBFoundation currently sponsors scholarships and provides assistance to community members that want, need and deserve recognition and help. A special focus will be made on brain disorders and sports injuries. The Larry Bruno Foundation and The Hall of Achievement plans to become the catalyst and agent for “Unity in the City” and change in attitudes about Beaver Falls.